Smart pallet

Chytrá paleta Stabilplastik

Lower number of pallets in your pool

No requirement on your IT system

Increase turnover of a pallet

24/7 information about location and status of a pallet

0G net= low consumption of battery

HW+SW+connectivity included in price

increase effectivity of your logistics

decrease number of damages on your goods and pallets

ideal combination of digitalization and ecology

lifespan of a battery up to 5 years

lower your CO2 footprint

Analytika chytré palety


• Supply chain analyses and reporting of deliveries,
time analyses, analyses of activities within defined area(s), overview of processes
• Advanced management of your pooling system and logistics
• tailored settings reflecting your needs
• advanced geofencing, push notifications via HTTP POST
• API: full access


Number of reporting cycles

Up to 5 000 (battery up to 5 years)



Operation temperature

-20 to +60 °C


3-axes accelerometer



Senzor chytré palety
Smart Pallet Stabilplastik

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